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A monk is a person who devotes his or her life into an ecclesiastical cohort of like-minded individuals often following a cluster of strict tenets.

Attaining, holding and losing monkhood

It is a common requirement for a monk to pass a rite of passage and some form of probationary span of time before being accepted a full member of the order in question, awarding the subject with all of the rights and responsibilities that come with such membership. Some orders hold that its' members are never allowed to egress under the penalty of death, while other cults might handle deportations via other means, such as barring the individual from ever joining again.


Some monks are known to follow a strict code of conduct where they aren't allowed to eat any meat, including fish or chicken. These kind of precepts vary from order to order, oftentimes even from a monk to monk within a singular fraternity. Due to the monks' general mindset of putting oneself through hardship, many choose to limit themselves in some ways, sometimes even fasting for extended periods of time to attain a higher state of clarity and purity.


The most commonplace means of offence for a monk is their own body. There are exceptions to this rule, but most monks can be trusted to prefer martial arts over any other class of weaponry or warfare. Some martial arts allow the practicer to use their body freely, while others may include strict regulations (which are not uncommon in all matters concerning monkhood). Masters of hand-to-hand combat may kill their opponents with frightening ease and skill.

Armor and clothing

As most monks believe that personal hardship and pain are paramount, in tandem with their preference for unarmed combat, almost none of the monks wear any kind of protective armor. Some scholars argue that layered cloth could be considered light armor known as gambeson, but while this is true, most followers of this lifestyle wear plain clothes, tabards, footwear and other garments to keep themselves protected from weather - if even that in extreme cases.