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All content on this site is either concerned with or derived directly from the games of Spiderweb Software™, which are the intellectual property of Jeff Vogel. This site is neither affiliated with nor endorsed by the producer of the games.

This site understands itself as a reference, or a guide, to the background of these games, as well as clarifying issues to potential designers of new Blades scenarios.

As such, game-related information is believed to be published here in accordance with Fair use. Using this copyrighted information outside of a Blades scenario, especially with commercial intent, is likely to be in violation of Spiderweb Software's copyright.

This site also features apocryphal content ("Fanon") added by the fan community. While this information is not specifically copyrighted itself, it meshes with and draws heavily on the games; its use may still end up violating the copyright. The Encyclopedia Ermariana disclaims liability resulting from such use.