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Rodents are small, furry mammals who use their miniature size and overwhelming numbers to survive the harshness of the world. Rats and mice can be counted amidst rodents. They can be oftentimes found in trashpits and abandoned, dead spaces where no other being could thrive. They are omnivorous, which means that they eat both flora and fauna to survive.

These small creatures have many natural enemies, such as cats, dogs, nephilim, bounty-hunting adventurers and other predators.

Notable Rodents

  • Cave/Giant Rat represents the vast majority of rodents in most (underground) areas.
  • Mung Rat
  • Vapor Rat is a rodent capable of spraying poisonous gassy substance that weakens the prey.
  • Brain Rat is an exceptionally magical rodent that has an ability to charm its' opponents.
  • Escaped Experiment
  • Fierce Rat doesn't have any special abilities but makes up for this by the strength of its' bites.
  • Experimental Rat is a fierce rodent, capable of swinging itself around, damaging all surrounding enemies.
  • Frothing Rat is a bigger version of a vapor rat.
  • Nicely Fattened Rat is a breed kept as pets by goblins.