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Welcome to the Encyclopedia Ermariana! This is an encyclopedia for the world Ermarian, the setting of the fantasy RPG games Exile and Avernum by Spiderweb Software. It is intended to help scenario designers set their own scenarios in this world by giving them information allowing for more consistent stories and detailed backgrounds.


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Dragons are solitary, winged reptiles with unmatched might, great knowledge, and lives that span many centuries. They were hunted by the Empire and are now nearly extinct.


Dragons look something like very large, winged lizards. They have a long, sinewy body which they sometimes coil up in the manner of a snake.

A dragon's stature varies not only with its age, but also with its power, and in particular, the size of its hoard. The most powerful dragons have grown to heights of more than 25 feet, and lengths of more than 100 feet, from head to tail.

Dragons are covered in scales, generally of green and red hue. The scales of a fully-grown dragon are very difficult to pierce, and can withstand extreme temperatures and strong magical forces. They are often sought by enchanters as a powerful source of enchantment.

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