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Source: Drakefyre canon

High Priest Ahonar is currently the spiritual guide of the Anama church, after he refounded the religion in 783 IE, establishing its presence on the Isle of Bigail.

Ahonar prefers to consider the reformed church as completely separate from the original faith in all but its name and its underlying tenet, the abolition of magic. In truth, there are vast differences between the movement started by Segrin Bilal and the one started by Ahonar over four centuries later. Parallels between the two religious figures have been drawn up but are largely without foundation, for Ahonar is neither thought to, nor considers himself to possess the burning, almost fanatical conviction that powered Segrin's vision.

Ahonar was born in 758 IE, and was initiated into a surviving cult around the age of nineteen. Moving up in its ranks, he saw a great opportunity for the church in the unsettled lands of Valorim, and soon moved out in a caravan of around sixty settlers who shared his ideals. Among them was his closest confidant Lockhart, who was of the same age, and remained Ahonar's assistant until his death in 836.