Antimagic Field

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Nature and Creation

The Antimagic Field is one of the more curious magical phenomena. Although itself magical, it repels all other sources of magic. Antimagic fields block magical effects and spells of all sorts. Casters cannot cast into an area affected by such a field, nor can they cast out of it.

The field does not last very long once created, and does not move. It can be seen by the naked eye as a faint light green cloud.

The temporal nature of the antimagic field means that if an antimagic field is used to supplement defenses against forced entry or attack, they must be constantly regenerated. This is usually done by means of either an active or a passive defensive device.

Powerful Mages are sometimes able to produce antimagic clouds in battle, to neutralize dangerous enemy casters.



The null bug has a natural ability of projecting antimagic fields when agitated.