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Archery is an art of puncturing foes from afar. This can be used either for offense, defence or hunting. Longbows, bows and crossbows are all used within the school of archery. Make no mistake, a common misconception is that archery doesn't require strength; on the contrary, drawing a full-length longbow requires strength of arms and body. Loading a crossbow is equally draining, and takes a long time.


Fletchers are craftswomen and -men who carve wooden sticks into perfectly smooth shafts and bind sharpened tips to the shaft. An attachment of feathers to the bottom of a crafted arrow is necessary to give it good flight-capabilities. Fletchers are also responsible for crafting javelins and other thrown items, which require a different set of skills than those of bows.

Legendary Ammunition

  • Acid Bolts
  • Acid Arrows
  • Bolts of Life. These bolts are particularly effective against the undead.
  • Arrows of Light. These arrows are used specifically against the demons.
  • Blessed Bolts
  • Blessed Arrows