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Bats are curious flying creatures whose small body is dwarfed by the span of their long, folding wings. Their vision is unaffected by darkness, and they are at home underground, especially in moist, warm environments.

Cave Bats

Normal bats, often called cave bats, are not aggressive, and tend to avoid humanoids when possible.

There are various species of cave bats with different coloration. Some, such as the mottled cave bat and the very rare venomous mongbat, are sought after for use in alchemy.

Giant Bats

As their name suggests, giant bats are larger versions of regular cave bats. They are not generally motivated to roam large distances, but are aggressive and will attack those who intrude on their caves.

Lava bats are the most common variant of giant bats. They have the capability to breathe small fireballs at adversaries. They are often found living near fumaroles and volcanic vents. Occasionally, one or two will cohabitate with a colony of cave bats.

A less common variant is the static bat, which has the ability to exhale a blast of electric energy.