Blood Glee Clan

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The Blood Glee Clan were a tribe of cave giants who lived on the Za-Khazi Run. The clan was considered strange and violent even by giant standards. The clan bred spine worms for food and sport and kept hydra as pets.


The set-up of the clan was similar to other giant clans, the shaman enclave rules in matters of spirituality while the chieftain leads in day to day matters. The chieftain of the Blood Glee Clan would invariably be the one with the most scars and pain-resistance.


To put it in the simplest terms the Blood Glee clan were masochistic to the extreme, to be able to withstand pain and injury were considered marks of status and honor. They would continuously inflict pain on each other and have tremendous fun doing so.

Lifecycle of a Blood Glee giant

The reason so much is known about the lifestyle of the Blood Glee Clan is due to the murals left on the walls of their former home. Researchers (once reaching the remote location) have found it a wealth of insight into the giant mind.

Early Life

The masochism begins early in a Blood Glee Clan's life. Children are encouraged to beat each senseless while having fun.

Ritual of Passage

When a giant youth is of age, they undergo the 'Ritual of Passage' a painful, terrifying and disfiguring test. If the giant survives the test, they are considered full members of the clan. The participants are encouraged to enjoy the ordeal.

Adult Life

An adult giant's life appears to be one of hunting, fighting and feasting. Blood Glee Clan members hunt constantly for worthy trophies and the more scars gotten acquiring said trophies the better. Worm hunts are another part of life.

Elder Life

If a giant manages to reach the elder years of their life they and their friends still take part in beating each other up. It seems to be common for a giant at this stage to die from the beatings.


Like many humanoid cultures, the Blood Glee Clan revere the dead and their ancestors intensely. Suprisingly enough, considering the outward appearance of the Blood Glee Clan, there has never been anything found to suggest they worshipped malevolent forces. Another curiosity is the what has been termed the "peaceful room" near the shamans' rooms. A quiet, tranquil room quite unlike the rest of buildings.


The clan took great pleasure in harassing the nearby white unicorns on the hunt for trophies. Some stories claim that they even had some success in this.