Church of the Seeking Soul

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Religion in Ermarian
Church of the Seeking Soul
Central Tenet: Never stop learning, never stop exploring
Leader: Mother Clarisse
Founded: 827 IE | Centered in: Tower of Magi

After the Avernum-Empire war the Temple of the Pure Light in the Tower of Magi was re-established as the Church of the Seeking Soul under the leadership of Mother Clarisse.

The main belief of the church was that all have the right and freedom to learn, which would have put it at odds with Empire's approach to censorship. The responsibilities of the clergy was to accumulate and further knowledge of all kinds. There have been many stories about the altar of the temple, it has been claimed that if one donated enough riches and prayed before the altar that they would be gifted with divine knowledge.

The Church was destroyed along with the rest of the tower during the destruction of the Tower.