Divinely Touched

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Divinely touched is a character trait that can be attributed to some people, with the most recorded cases being amidst the representatives of humans and the friendly species. In a case when a person is divinely touched they usually display extraordinary powers, and may exhibit resistances to extreme elements.

The exact method in which a person attains such a blessing is unknown, but it is theorized by some scholars that an intercourse between a celestial or demonic being and a mortal is required, with the resulting offspring exhibiting supernatural tendencies. It is notable that people who are blessed in such a manner find it harder to learn new things and to progress their skills.

Divine traits

A divinely touched person may have powers such as listed below:

  • Increased skill with weapons (blademaster, sharpshooter)
  • An ability to call upon the Gods for aid (spell-like ability: divine warrior)
  • Natural tendency for manipulation of magic (magical efficiency, magery)
  • Increased resistance to elements (cold, heat, magic...)
  • An ability to summon a shade (once a day)
  • An ability to heal and cure oneself (once a day)

The reports of the exhibited abilities vary greatly from source to source.