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To allow easy structuring of an article, wiki format has automatic section formatting. This includes a Content panel for articles with many sections (more than 3).

A section title is added by surrounding the title in = signs.

==Section Title==

Single = signs (=Title=) are reserved to the article title at the top - please do not use them. Instead, the top-level sections are formatted with == double signs.

Section Title

A number is automatically added to the section title.

Next Section

This automatically increments with the next section.

Third section

You can add a subsection simply by writing a title with more than two == signs.


First subsection

If a subsection is made, it will be numbered in this way.

Second subsecion

Please do not leave out any level. The correct way to sectionize is this:

==Top level==


==Top level==


The content of a section always begins after the section title and ends before the next title on the same level or on a higher level. Thus, the first section is between ==First Section== and ==Second section==; any ===Subsection=== lying in between is included. The subsection is between ===Subsection=== and ==Second Section==.


Do not link inside a section title. It is possible, but it runs against common format and it looks like rubbish.

You can link directly to a subsection within a given article with the '#' sign. Linking to


will link to Vahnatai#Language. It is also possible to link within the same page.

[[#Section Title]]

will take you to #Section Title. The top level of an article is #top