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Works of written text, drawn pictures, cartography, reseach notes, magical texts, scriptures of faith and the like can be described to be under the umbrella of literature. These can be in the form of scrolls, maps, books, thick tomes or collections. Most works of literature are made by professional scribes or sages: usually on vellum, rough paper (underworld) - high-quality paper or even silk (surface).

Examples of literature

Examples follow that have been found from collections like the Hawke's Manse, which has been recorded to have been owned by the avernite heroes Surface Explorers.

  • Tearing of the Bodice. Author: E. Shromptf, Esquire
  • Surface flora and fauna. Author: Eva of the Tower of Magi
  • Weaponry of the realm. Author: Unknown

Examples of magical scriptures

Examples follow that have been found from libraries like Erika's Tower.