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Mind crystals (also known as teaching crystals) are blue magical crystals which are reported to have the ability impart knowledge or even grant the user certain abilities. Anyone who found such a crystal was able to learn to to strengthen their body or mind. However, once the crystal was used it would become inert and melt.

In later years there has been some confusion in naming as advanced controller crystals are also known as mind crystals.


The first of the Exiled discovered these strange crystals scattered throughout the caves and found that when one concentrated on the crystal it would attempt to speak to the holder. There was an attempt to use a mind crystal to reverse the portal in Fort Avernum to escape to the surface, this ended in failure.

It was unknown at the time the source of the mind crystals, all that was known was their creators were skilled in crystal magic.

With first contact with the Vahnatai race through the Olgai tribe the creators were discovered; similar crystals were found as well as their larger and more robust reading crystal cousins. It is theorized that the mind crystals the Avernites found were probably remains from an unknown Vahnatai clan, which lived in the caves where now the Kingdom of Avernum exists.

Types of Mind Crystal

Mind crystals can be divided into two categories, those that grant knowledge and those that grant abilities.

Knowledge Mind Crystals

These crystals can give knowledge of particular subjects, such as anatomy, pathfinding and magery.

Ability Mind Crystals

The mind crystals which grant special abilities are considered rarer than ones which contain knowledge. The following abilities have been recorded through research and experiments.

  • Contacting the spirit world.
  • Beastmastery.
  • Quicker than normal healing.
  • Calling upon divine aid to become an invincible warrior.

Despite all this, in some cases it can be seen that these crystals were developed for Vahnatai use as their attempted use by other races causes headaches and other mental ailments.