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The Ruby is a valuable gemstone which is classically red in colour. Along with sapphires, emeralds and diamonds, rubies are considered precious stones and are used to flaunt status.

Magical Properties

In magic, rubies are used to invoke the element of fire. This is why, for example ruby skeletons often have rubies studded into their eye sockets as it helps them channel heat energy for their dreaded fire beams.


Source: Stareye canon

Rubies have proven to be good controlling the energy needed in creating portals. With many small-scale portals, rubies are used provide the energy needed to activate and stabilise the portal.


As mentioned above rubies work well with fire magic. Despite being able to fuel many battle magics, rubies are also a protective stone. Due to this, rubies are often used to enchantments involving protection from heat and energy.


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