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Scrolls are sheets of papyrus or vellum which are stored in scroll tubes. When one speaks of a scroll they are usually referring to those of the magical variety i.e; a spell scroll. Otherwise it is a less costly alternative to a book. Before the Reconciliation, most of Avernum's written works were on scrolls.

Spell Scrolls

These are inscribed with the magical formula of a using specially made inks. The combination of magical formulae and the inks causes the scroll to contain the energy of what is effectively a primed and ready spell. To activate the spell one only has to open the scroll and read it. The magical energies unleashed causes the scroll to disintegrate. Usually scroll scribing is done by experienced mages or at least those who have excellent penmanship as single miswritten or smudged symbol can mean disaster.

Spell scrolls are considered particularly useful to those in an mercenary line of work because they can be used by anyone, (except for those who are anathema to magic.) where a well aimed spell can mean life or death. There are even scrolls which contain healing spells which are extremely where a healer is unable to heal or absent.

Types of Spell Scrolls

Over the years there has been many advances in the art of scroll writing which has lead to the development of different varieties of spell scrolls. Exhaustive research into past history has lead to this comprehensive list. The spell scrolls are categorised by what type of spell they contain and the effect they cause.

Fire magic
  • Flame
  • Fire Bolt
  • Fireball
  • Firestorm
  • Fireblast
Cold Magic
  • Ice Bolt
  • Smite
  • Ice Lances
  • Radiate Ice
Lightning & Energy
  • Lightning
  • Lightning Spray
  • Shockwave
  • Shockstorm
  • Powerlash
  • Kill
  • Arcane Blow
Poisons and Acids
  • Poison
  • Spray Acid
  • Acid Shower
Psionic/Mental Magic
  • Charm
  • Control Foes
  • Capture Mind
  • Domination
  • Mindshield
  • Madness
Summoning Magic
  • Summon Shade
  • Summon Aid
  • Divine Host
Augmentation Magic
  • Group Haste
  • Mass Blessing
  • Shield Group
  • Magical Resistance
  • Sanctification
  • Stealth
  • Steelward
  • Spellward
  • Speedburst
  • Spineshield
Binding Magic
  • Slow
  • Forcecage
Manipulation of Energy
  • Dispel Barrier
  • Stoneshatter
Divination Magic
  • Far Sight
Necromantic Magic

Note: this group of spells actually includes healing magic.

  • Group Heal
  • Recovery
  • Raise Dead - Return Life
  • Repel Spirit
Cursed Scrolls

Most scrolls are useful to the user. Curse scrolls on the other hand are designed to inflict pain and suffering on the unknowing individual who uses it.

  • Bitter Loss
  • Withering