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Spoken Language

The spoken language is known for it's long sibilant sounds. This accent stays with slith speakers when they speak other languages.

Written Language

The Slithzerikai of Avernum have two styles written language. The first is pictographic, each symbol representing an object or idea. Classic examples of these could be found within the Waterfall Warrens. This writing system is typically used when communicating between tribes (Such as territory markers) or in religious articles. Generally it was carved into stone or short books with thick leather pages. With the emergence of the Kingdom of Avernum some scholars are noting a shift to a more stylised pictograms. The second used when writing the name of people or places, this style is more phonetically based.

Slithzerikai Spell Canon

The slithzerikai spell notation developed independently from the other races and has it's own unique symbols and formulae.

Slith Names

List of slithzerikai names

There are theories that much like the vahnatai, the slithzerikai add honorifics to their names. Oh the other hand the use of honorifics doesn't appear to be a rigid as that of the vahnatai. The follow are presumed to be titles of sorts.

  • Ah-
  • Ath-
  • Ess- Can appear both at the front and end of a name.
  • Oss-
  • Sss- Usually comes before main name.
  • Tk-
  • Yss- Appears at end of name.

Word Corpus

  • Drayssa- lit. dragon's pet
  • Essscha assa- unknown; possibly a form of greeting.

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