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Spears are long shafts with sharpened tips at the end. They're powerful at puncturing through weak points and keeping enemies at a distance. They are more powerful weapons than other melee weapons. Spears, among other polearms, are the weapon of choice of the slithzerikai people.

Spears in relation to other weapons

While it is clumsier to use a spear with a shield than it is to use a sword with a shield, the combination is not impossible. For reasons unknown, the modern warriors seem to have neglected shields completely in favor of keeping both hands on the weapon. Indeed, spears are not to be confused with pikes, which are even longer and more powerful weapons than spears.

Notable Spears

  • Ghoulbane
  • Smite
  • Bloodthirst Spear
  • Obsidian Spear
  • Radiant Slith Spear
  • Lava-fired Spear