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From A2/E2: In the bottom of the cabinet, you find the most interesting thing. It is a letter, from "Archmage Garzahd" to "Gaddika-Bok," thanking Gaddika for his help in obtaining "three intact Crystal Souls, which will be a great informational aid."

Elsewhere he is only referred to as Gaddika; however, he isn't referred to very much at all, and other (non-Crystal Soul) Boks are often referred to without their title. For example, in Avernum 2 there are five uses of Prossis-Bok, but thirteen uses of Prossis without Bok.

On the one hand it's conceivable that he's not a Bok at all and Garzahd thought he was just using an honorific; on the other hand, it makes sense that members of the Olgai tribe might not consider him a real Bok, and thus wouldn't call him one. It could go either way, I think. --- Slarty 18:37, 24 February 2006 (CST)

My take on it was that Gaddika wanted Garzahd to call him Bok, and that it was not really his title, since everywhere else it was just Gaddika. --Drakey