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The "Relhan" canon is a collective of *i's and your stuff? I've never heard the name, see. --Aran 13:53, 30 Aug 2005 (CEST)

Relhan is someone who was in the community and I'm pretty sure that *i and I are basically drawing on his timeline for the majority of all of this. *i's canon tends to extend into the future, though, while mine likes to expand on things in the middle of Relhan's canon.


I thought of a better way of making the distinctions between canon, continuity, etc., but want to check for suggestions first given all the recent changes to the relevant sections. We could make the following distinctions (in order of priority for EE):

(1) Game canon -- contains current categories #1 and #2

(2) Ermarian canon -- contains current Exceptions section plus other things that synthesize the best available work from all canons and need to be used for EE to operate smoothly. That would probably consist of:

  • Ermarian
  • Exile vs Avernum
  • Timeline of Ermarian (this is the most debatable inclusion)
  • IE and BP (unless these are in fact game canon; see the boards)

(3) Apocrypha -- contains current categories #3 and #4

A useful distinction to make might be that apocrypha should have SOME kind of public source. So something fabricated in the course of the Avernum RP is preferable to something I make up on the spot.

(4) Deprecated apocrypha -- contains current categories #5 and #6

Basically, this stuff is only included if it has historical and social relevance to EE users. Therefore, we can state that it will consist mostly of stuff from a few sources, such as Relhan canon.

There is probably a better word for that than deprecated, but I seem to be unable to avoid using deprecated lately. We could always go super-biblical and use Pseudepigrapha. Limited? Liminal? --- Slarty 08:05, 30 December 2006 (PST)