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I'm currently writing 6 and 7, and I believe Aran has claimed 3. --Drakey 18:25, 30 Aug 2005 (CEST)


First off, I vote we strike out "Banishing of the Archmagi" -- it can be covered easily in Founding of Avernum and doesn't need its own article.

Second, I vote we move this article to History of the Empire. That's what the description says it is, and it's clearly not the history of the Vahnatai, or the slithzerikai, etc. -- topics EE certainly covers. It can also be catted as Empire (and as Apocrypha). --- Slarty 09:06, 7 October 2006 (PDT)

Events of Avernum 5 and 6 needs a name

This happens after the Retribution.

Assassination of Prazac and the Redmark becoming Emperor.

Avernum 6

The Blight happens, leads to the Sliths invading Avernum. And so forth.

I suppose you could extrapolate what happens with common elements from the endings.

  • The Sliths are beaten back,
  • There is a mass exodus from the caves.
  • Kingdom of Avernum- remains if much smaller (Great Caves all the way through to Mertis)
  • Lots of people move to provincial Avernum.
  • Upper Avernum still exists centuries later.
  • Eventually the Empire will collapse.

Endings change with who is King, how you deal with the dragon, vahnatai and upper Slith leaders.

Honestly both events need a name.