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The ursagi (singular 'ursag') are mutant bears that have an unnatural cunning, vicious attitude and larger bodies than their natural cousins. They are capable spellcasters, and are known to worship deities alien to Ermarian.


The fur of the ursagi is usually pinkish, purple or green depending on the source. These beasts are capable of rearing onto their hindlegs into a near-upright position for short periods of time, allowing them to better engage in melee, as well as perform adequate spellcasting.

Habitat and society

Although bears are usually solitary creatures, the ursagi seem to be able to muster them into a sort of drove under ursagi command. The ursagi are also known to have enslaved, or allied, ogres, worgs, and goblins. It is theorized that the goblins are used by the ursagi as food, groomers and slaves. Ursagi generally avoid human settlements despite their excessive prowess. They will, however, attack hunters in the forest or brushland when their territory is encroached.

The ursagi appear to worship an unknown deity, one that is completely alien to Ermarian. It is possible that the dark magic of this deity grants the ursagi their magical capabilities and diminutive intelligence. It also worthy to note that a band of adventurers reported that their attempts at sanctifying the ursagi altar were virtually ineffective. The altar, as observed by the same adventurers, also summoned several special slimes to aid the ursagi leader.

Theories on origins

The origin of the ursagi is not known, or at least no theory is widely accepted. One states that the ursagi were created by the Vahnatai. Another claims that they were twisted magical experiments that were accidentally released. However, scholars have yet to reach a consensus concerning the origin of these magical beasts.