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This is the User page for w-dueck.


You can contact w-dueck in the following ways:

  • Via Spiderweb Software PM'ing (user w-dueck)
  • Via Shadow Vale PM'ing (user w-dueck)
  • Via Calamity Refuge Forums PM'ing (user w-dueck) - this method will probably result in the fastest response.
  • Via e-mail. is my address. Use this if you want to beam me a file.
    • If, for some strange reason the above address isn't working, try me at I check both at the same time.


I am the owner and administrator for the Calamity Refuge Network. Mostly known for it's forums, Calamity Refuge is also the new host of Nioca's website, known as Nioca's Citadel. If you need a site hosted, go ahead and beam me a message!


w-dueck is primarily a Blades of Exile person. He doesn't really fancy Blades of Avernum and it's fancy, 3D graphics. He is also too cheap to buy it.

Blades of Exile

Scenarios Released

Cleanup of Skalmir Cave

This was my first scenario released to the public. In my opinion, it was a terrible scenario that could have been done WAY better.


CSR - 1.0

Upcoming Scenarios

On the Daggers Edge

More info can be read about this scenario at Shadow Vale.

Ye Olde Utility

Haven't made much ground in this one. More info later.


All of my BoE graphics are available at the Blades Forge.

Blades of Avernum


All of my BoA graphics are available at the Blades Forge.