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Wands are magical items with which magical energies can be channelled to greater increase it's potency.

Other wands can be enchanted to store the energy of different spells and discharged at a later date, though a single wand is limited to one particular spell and has limited charges before it becomes useless or disintegrates. Also there are other kinds of wands which are not used in battle but have a more symbolic use in rituals.

Wands are generally about one to two feet in length and can be made of wood, bone, metal or stone. Often a gemstone or similar will be affix one end. Other wands will be covered in runes and glyphs.

Wand Types

Originally, only elemental spells could be contained within a wand. Though in more recent times, advancements in enchanting has lead to a wider range of spells being bound to a wand and successfully recast. Also, various wands have come in and out of fashion. A wand that was common two decades ago can be considered very rare in the current day.

Research by various historians and sages has provided this comprehensive list of wands. They have been categorised by the variety of spell and their effect.

Evocation Magic

Fire Spells

  • Wand of Bolts
  • Wand of Flame
  • Wand of Fireball
  • Wand of Fire
  • Fiery Wand
  • Wand of the Inferno

Cold Spells

  • Wand of Ice
  • Crystalline Wand

Energy-Lightning Spells

  • Wand of Lightning
  • Corrupting Baton

Poisons-Acid Spells

  • Wand of Venom
  • Wand of Acid
  • Oozing Wand

Arcane Spells

  • Wand of Death

Psionic/Mental Magic

  • Wand of Charming
  • Wand of Terror
  • Basilisk Fang Wand
  • Crystalline Wand

Temporal Magic

  • Wand of Slow/Slowing
  • Rod of Alacrity

Binding Magic

  • Ensnaring Wand
  • Wand of Paralysis
  • Wand of Forcecage
  • Sparkling Wand

Necromantic Magic

Note: This section also covers healing magic.

Healing Spells

  • Rod of Succor
  • Healing Sceptre

Necromantic Spells

  • Prismatic Wand
  • Crytal Wand
  • Disruption Wand

Summoning Magic

  • Wand of Rats
  • Rod of Arcana
  • Rod of Beast Call
  • Rod of Major Call
  • Rod of Illusions


  • Null Wand
  • Wand of Nullity

Augmentation Magic

  • Rod of Defense
  • Rod of Battle

Unusual Wands

These wands have unusual effects which are often hazardous to the user.

  • Wand of Vorb
  • Wand of Absorption
  • Wand of Carrunos

Wand of Unusual Results

Unlike most wands which can only fire one spell, this wand of unknown origin would release a random spell each time it was used. It was retrieved by adventurers from the Cult of the Sacred Item.

Recharging Wands

Wands have a limited amount of charges before they are spent. However, certain magical techniques can be used to transfer the mana of the caster into the wand core and replenish wand's power. This ritual is highly draining.