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Religion in Ermarian
Church of the Anama
Central Tenet: Abolishment of Magic
Leader: High Priest Ahonar
Founded: 379 IE, refounded in 776 IE | Centered in: Isle of Bigail, Valorim

Anama Church is a close-knit sect that believes in restricting the use of magic in favor of the priests' healing spells. Through years of persecution (see Anama War), they have persevered and now voraciously defend their freedom of religion. Based in Shayder on the Isle of Bigail, the Anama are led by their wizened leader, Ahonar, who re-formed the Church after hundreds of years of isolation and secret worship.

Membership in the Anama Church is indicated by rings that are impossible to remove. These rings also serve as keys for entering the restricted areas of the Anama temple in Shayder. They are enchanted to detect the use of or training in magic, and will vanish immediately on detecting such, usually also removing much of the clerical power of the expelled member.