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Priest is a man or woman who has been accepted into the hierarchy of a religion as someone in charge of other members of that religion. Usually, priests are required to understand the philosophy of their religion much more clearly and to be able to give guidance to other members.

Priests, as their understanding is greater, also have a stronger connection to their patron deity than a casual worshipper. Priests may use this connection with better and more visible results to gain the effect they desire of their god. However, they must take care to not misuse or manipulate their god's power as their deity may become displeased.

Priests and magic

Priests draw a very large distinction between themselves and mages. To an uninitiated observer it may appear that they are the same, but both mages and priests strongly dispute this. Priests do not channel energy through physical motions but use their supplications to their god, meaning that they can wear armor which would prevent a mage from moving freely without impeding their spellcasting ability.

Priests' Hierarchy

Larger groups of followers usually require multiple priests. When several of them work together, they are collectively known as an Order. Usually all members of an Order share the same religion and will not work with members of an opposing religion. There are also strict hierarchies within the existing churches or Orders, with the lower member of the Order submitting to the wisdom of the higher one.

A list of ecclesiastical positions follow, with the list beginning from the humblest and ending to the highest.

  • Scribe
  • Acolyte
  • Priest, cleric (archaic version, presbyter)
  • Bishop
  • High priest

Known Churches and Orders

  • The Church of Anama is a large order based in the Isle of Bigail, favoring priest spells, and have naught tolerance for mages' spells. As a result of their devotion, the followers of this church may have access to the holiest of rituals.
  • Followers of the path of the Trickster is a religion that revolves around the worship of Chance. This religion is specifically common amidst people who rely on luck, including (but are not limited to) people such as adventurers and sailors.