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Jordan Bojar was a wizard (a self-styled archmage, although he did not carry this title legitimately) who built a tower on the southern coast of Valorim, west of Krizsan, near 830 IE. His accomplishments, beyond getting expelled from the University of Valorim for illicit experiments some years earlier, were of little note in spite of his arguable brilliance in the field of magical and alchemical analysis.

History might have forgotten him entirely, were it not for his successes in analyzing and understanding the arcane process that produced the magical slimes that plagued Krizsan Province during the time of the Plagues. He managed to reverse engineer the slime pools that spawned the creatures, and he discovered their great vulnerability to heat. Unfortunately for him, his objective of duplicating the process and thus gain power himself to further his own ends failed spectacularly when a party of adventurers raided his agate tower, slew him, and perused his research notes. Reports say that his discoveries, in a twist of irony, were the one thing that allowed for the destruction of the slime pit and the defeat of one of the five plagues.