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Krizsan Province is a province of the Empire on Valorim, the most recently settled area of the continent. To the west of the province is Karnold Province, and to the north of the province is the Isle of Bigail. The capital of the Province is, unsurprisingly, Krizsan.


The population of Krizsan Province has the least amount of citizens living there, as it has still not been properly developed. There are six hundred thousand citizens living in Krizsan Province, mostly in Krizsan city.

Racial Makeup

The racial mixture of Krizsan Province is mostly nephil and humans, with some slithzerikai living in the Pergies region. There are eighty percent humans, eighteen percent nephil, and two percent other, mostly slithzerikai and goblins.

Literacy and Languages

Just under half of the Imperial citizens over the age of fifteen can read and write. The only major language spoke in Krizsan Province is Imperial Standard.


Though there are fertile soils and dense forests in Krizsan Province, these have as of yet been untapped. Instead, the ores in the Pergha mountains, worked by the miners at Pergies, are the primary export from Krizsan Province. The goods are carried south by merchants to Delis and Delan, who then transport them to Krizsan where they are shipped north.

As Krizsan Province holds the only entrance to Upper Avernum, it became a trading center. Goods from all over Valorim are sent to Farport and Krizsan, where they are sent to the Inn of Blades, and then to Fort Emergence.


Krizsan Province was the final section of Valorim officially incorporated into the Empire, and as such has a relatively short history.


During the Nephilim Wars that overshadowed the settlement of Valorim, General Gabor Krizsan, Dervish Field Commander of the Imperial Army, fought in this region. In honor of his many successes, the province and its capital were named in his honor. Unsurprisingly, for this he became a hero to the inhabitants of the province.

After the Nephilim Wars were completed, more settlers came to the region. The city of Krizsan experienced a population jump, and other settlements formed and grew as well, among these the legendary Inn of Blades, which was a safehaven from the nephil during the Wars.


During the Plagues of Valorim, magical slimes attacked Krizsan Province. While they were no small task in killing, they were, in perspective, seen as the weakest of the six Plagues. The slimes roamed around the province, burning farmland, killing farm animals, killing lone travellers, destroying Colchis, attacking Silvar and Krizsan, and generally causing chaos. Though the Imperial Army did what it could, due to the Quarantine of Valorim, little could be done to destroy the source of the Plague.

Eventually, the Avernite Surface Explorers travelled to Krizsan, and were tasked with destroying the Slime Plague by the mayor at the time, Arbuckle. After infiltrating the Agate tower and killing Bojar, they found the location of the Slime Pit. Reportedly, the assaulted the Pit, and killed the creator of the slimes, some sort of Alien slime.

Settlements and Geographical Features

The settlements of Krizsan Province are, from north to south:

The major geographical features of Krizsan Province are, from north to south:

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