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Krizsan is a province capital of the Imperial province of the same name, in the Southwest of Valorim.

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The town of Krizsan is located on the south-eastern coast of the continent of Valorim – on the frontier of Imperial Expansion and settlement. Though it is indeed situated in what could be called the backwaters of the Empire, it is in a key spot of the continent: Northwest of it lie the Pergha mountains, filled to the brim with high-quality iron ore, copper and even a few silver ore veins. West of it is one of the great farm areas of Valorim; North of it the legendary Inn of Blades and the famed Fort Emergence; Krizsan is a popular tourist resort now that the land grows more and more civilized.


Its location on the coast makes Krizsan one of Valorim’s major ports, as well as the starting point of many an adventurous expedition into the far-famed tropical continent of Vantanas. Though the port and the trading activities of Krizsan were nearly shut down during the time of the Plagues in 830 IE when all of Valorim was threatened by ferocious monsters of all kinds, the Krizsan Tradepost was reopened in 835 IE. Now, eight years later, the port city has nearly achieved its former glory, with tremendous trading cogs arriving from East Valorim and from Aizo. They come laden with wood, exotic Aizoan fruits and clothing (made from the hide of the Aizoan giant lizard that thrives in the southern hot climate), and leave laden with bountiful minerals and metals mined and smelted in Pergies, the mining capital of Valorim that lies only a few miles Northwest of Krizsan.


The town was named after General Gabor Krizsan, Dervish Field Commander of the Imperial Army, who was a key figure in the Nephilim Wars that cast a shadow over the early settlement of Valorim. General Krizsan was of the Empire’s most brilliant, celebrated and loyal strategists, and he won battles against many different foes. For his bravery, he was eventually rewarded by having the southwesternmost of the six provinces in Valorim, and its capital, named after him, the province which he helped conquer and defend. Unsurprisingly, for this he became a hero.

Before the time of the plagues, Krizsan was a sleepy town - the only perk in the daily routine being another shipment of clothes or food or another smuggler's shipment of illegal Skribbane herb (coming through from the infamous pirate nest of Valorim, west of the city, the favorite port for most smuggling runs). However shortly after the end of the Empire-Avernum War and before the return of the Avernites to the surface, the province was devastated by one of the six monster plagues to afflict Valorim, the magical slimes.

Because Krizsan province was the closest to the emergence point of the Avernites, it was the first land to be cleansed of the plagues by the famed Avernite explorers. The result of this was that Krizsan became the place of the start of a time of peace between Avernum and the Empire, further cemented by the other deeds of the Avernites. This place is also where the initial reconciliation of the nations of Avernum and the Empire were negotiated, between King Micah and Empress Prazac. Mayor Arbuckle, who resigned from his post earlier this year in 843 IE, never grows tired of retelling the story of the legendary negotiation in his office that swept aside more than a hundred years of discord between the Empire and Avernum; tours of the office are being regularly held to the never-ceasing streams of tourists who flock in both from Avernum and northern Valorim.