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Religion in Ermarian
Chance - The Trickster Spirit
Central Tenet: All follow the path of the Trickster in the end.
Leader: unknown
Founded: unknown | Centered in: none

Chance (also known as The Trickster, Lady Fortune) is the trickster spirit who is the patron of those who need luck or lead risky lives such as soldiers, sailors, adventurers, miners or travellers and so on.


Chance is fairly active deity in the lives of it's followers whether they know they are a follower or not. Unlike many Deities who strive to aid or use their devotees, Chance pays little heed and plays it's own game. Offerings to the deity may help to stack the odds in the follower's favour; in equal measure it might not do anything. It is said that Chance likes those with an adventurous (some would say reckless) spirit and those who can turn Chance's decisions to their advantage. Chance is referred to as both male and female by it's devotees, often in the same speech. As Chance considers all who are in need of good fortune as one of it's followers, the Trickster has a rather large following all over the world.


Shrines and temples to the Trickster can be found all over Ermarian but particularly on the frontier and other dangerous places. Anyone who passes by may leave an offering to Chance but consider it unwise to linger as they may tempt fate. Priests of the Trickster will teach supplicants rituals and skills as to better prepare for the choices of Chance. Curiously enough priests of Chance often demur to give advice as 'it would interfere'. Followers of Chance are referred to as 'following the path of the Trickster.'

Beliefs and Tenets

Followers of Chance refer to their deity as the bringer of change. The following excerpt tells of this: "Chance is the bringer of change. He is the one who helps the few against the many. She is the helper of the poor, for only luck can save them."

Within the order the policy of non-interference is paramount. As the Trickster is said to not like people interfering with the game against it's will and outwit any that try to give foreknowledge. Instead the priests and priestesses of Chance help prepare people for dealing with Chance's choices and to offer comfort.

Yet another excerpt follows, this time from Caius. He was a vicar and a speaker for the Holy Chance and spoke thus: "Everything is Vast, and only those who strive and risk all can prevail."