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Source: Urermariana

Ermarian is a planet orbiting the star Alxus. Its surface is ruled by the Empire. Its name is generally taken to mean "The Glorious", though this has been derived through much conjecture. It is definitely a human name, however, and has not been seen in written use before the twentieth century Before Pralgad. (See Naming of Ermarian).




  • Land: Approximately seven million (7,000,000) square miles, known landmasses
  • Water: Unknown (the world has never been circumnavigated)
  • Total: Unknown


Approximately 45,000 miles.


Variable. Ranges from tropical/arid over temperate to mildly cold.

Known Landmasses

(See Continents)

Of note: The planet contains an extensive cave system that reaches beneath the ocean and has not been fully explored. This cave system is named Exile, and is almost large enough to count as a continent in its own right.


Ermarian is thought to be approximately 7 billion years old, though this theory has yet to find widespread acclaim among scholars.



At Present Day, Ermarian is thought to be home to at least 150 million intelligent beings - these numbers do not include the Vahnatai or the Slithzerikai living in Bahssikava, as the humans have no contact with these lands.

Ethnic Groups

Of the known population:

  • Humans: 71%
  • Nephilim: 9%
  • Slithzerikai: 4%
  • Vahnatai: 3%
  • Other: 13%

("Other" species include the Goblins, Dragons, and various remnants of Troglodytes and Giants)





The entire known surface is ruled by the Empire, under a monarchy. The subterranean lands are governed by the Kingdom of Avernum, which has recently been recognized as a sovereign nation by the Empire. The lands below Avernum are ruled by the Empire of Bahssikava under the Slithzerikai, and by the Vahnatai.

Administrative Divisions



None. No technology exists to leave the planet, and thus there is no outside into which to export.


None. See Exports.

Natural Resources

Iron, Copper, Lead, Tin, Salt, Granite, Silver, Gold, Mithral, Gems, Spices, Dyes, Stone, Wheat, Oats, Fruits, Vegetables, Mushrooms, Meat (beef, mutton, pork, poultry, etc.), Eggs, Dairy (milk, cheese, etc.), Nuts, Ash, Cavewood, Lemonwood, Various alchemical ingredients.