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Crossbow is a sturdy ranged arm that is most often used as a weapon; the crossbow's heavy and unwieldy nature makes it less than ideal at hunting prey moving at high velocities. While the crossbow is a complex and heavy contraption, its mechanism gives it an incredible stopping power and piercing capability.

Bolts are used as ammunition when discharging a crossbow. Bolts are too short to be used in either long- or shortbow, and likewise arrows do not fit into a crossbow's firing mechanism. A bolt's sturdy and short nature makes it ideal for close-range artillery purposes, but as an equipoise the bolt's characteristics make it unreliable and inaccurate at long ranges. The damage is comparatively higher to that of an arrow fired from a regular bow.

Notable Crossbows

  • Fury Crossbow. This powerful weapon is known for its' ability to cause massive damage; to hit more consistently than other crossbows; to allow its' wielder to act more often during combat; and finally to cause its' wielder to be protected better against magical attacks.

Special Ammunition

  • Bolts of Life. These special bolts are blessed with divine magic, and cause extra damage to undead.
  • Acid Bolts. Namesake, the shafts of these bolts have been carved hollow and fulfilled with thin vials of potent acid. Upon impact, the vial shatters and exposes the victim's puncture wound to the acid.