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Dryads are mysterious female humanoids with a special connection to trees. They are extremely secretive creatures, and little is known about their origin and their life.

Every dryad is linked to a particular area of the woods, generally to a grove or a glade. They feel the lives (and deaths) of every tree and every animal in their woods as if it is part of their own body. If they are away from their forest for long, they will die. As part of this connection, they are gifted with certain magical powers tied to the protection of the grove.

There is an ancient enmity between dryads and hill giants. Ogres have also been known to harass the creatures. Although they are not overtly hostile to others, dryads consort with few intelligent races. Generally, the only ones allowed into their groves are gremlins.

Dryad names

  • Esselarea
  • Illyree