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Empire Archives was a large construction built by the Empire during Empire-Avernum War. It was used to store documents, forms, knowledge and maps that were deemed important enough for the Empire's advancement within the war, but too valuable to be kept near the frontlines. The only way to access the Archives was by docking a boat and taking another boat inside the Archives themselves to reach the main gate, since the construction was carved inside solid rock to the middle of the Northern Sea.


The site was built into two layers, with the outer wall keeping away unwanted intruders. The gate to the internal docks could be opened only by Ivory Key. Once inside, the visitor to the Archives had to take a boat and row across the moat to the far end of the area. There are some reports of the moat being comprised from magical ice that was stiff enough to be passable by foot, but fluid enough to allow for the boat to be rowed across; while some claim that the moat surrounding the core Archives was simply very cold, deep water.

The creatures that were placed inside the cold Archives included ice lizards, nagas, vengeful shades, efreeti, fire lizards, demons, guardians and skeletal warriors: all of which are, ironically, either magical or quazi-magical creatures. This decision had been made propably due to the nature of the Archives. The site was kept extremely cold to ensure the preservation of the libraries' contents in the moist air of the caverns. Thus keeping personnel posted to the distant location would've been a costly way of maintaining security, as opposed to the magical beings whom required little to no care-taking and could use potential invaders as sustenance.


The Archives were used to preserve some very impressive knowledge. Spells like control foes and mass curing could be found in their most efficient form within these halls. There were also numerous Empire records, all of which were of great interest to the Avernite government.

It is also said that two prisoners were found from the bowels of the Archives.