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The Empire is the largest nation on the surface of Ermarian, and has been the only known one throughout most of the history of the planet. Spanning all four continents at the Present Day, its size is unparalleled.

In its history, the Empire has once been refounded. To distinguish, the first Empire is sometimes referred to as the Aizoan Empire, while the second is the Pralgadian Empire. However, both refer (or referred, in the case of the former) to themselves as simply "The Empire". Since the Aizoan Empire collapsed nearly a thousand years ago, the information below is concerned entirely with the one in Pralgad.

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The first Empire is believed to have been founded several centuries pre-Imperial Era. The first surviving record, however, dates from Emperor Zion I of Aizo, who ascended the throne in 250 Before Pralgad. After the Empire collapsed in 100 BP, the heir of the last emperor (growing up in Exile on Pralgad) founded the Pralgadian Empire in 0 IE, which has lasted to this day, outlasting minor civil wars and natural disasters. The continent of Aizo was retaken by the Pralgadian Empire at the beginning of the third century IE; Valorim was discovered and conquered in the seventh century. Vantanas has never been properly settled; the dangerous island has so far kept away all but treasure-seekers and adventurers, but recently it has experienced somewhat of a population boom.



The surface of Ermarian.




Approximately 7,000,000 square miles.

Land Boundaries

None; there are no other nations on the surface.

Coast Line

Approximately 45,000 miles.


Temperate to Tropical, arid in some places (see Continents)


Varies (see Continents)

Elevation Extremes

Natural Resources

  • Arable land
  • Iron
  • Copper
  • Wood
  • Salt
  • Lead
  • Tin
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Plentiful fresh water
  • Gems

Land Use

Large plots of land are used for farming, mining, logging, and cities.

Natural Hazards

Varies by continent.


Current Population

135 million (estimate)

Age Structure

Population Growth Rate


  • Noun: Imperial Citizen
  • Adjective: Imperial

Racial Composition

  • Aizoan: 17%
  • Pralgadian: 53%
  • Mixture: 30%




57% over the age of 15 can read and write.


Country Name

Conventional Long Form: The Empire

Government Type

Constitutional Monarchy, tending towards Bureaucracy.

Administrative Divisions

Imperial Governors

Each continent has its own Imperial Governor who resides in that continent's capital and heads each continent's administrative divisions and provinces.


Empress Prazac I


Solaria, in Pralgad


White horizontal band on top, black horizontal band on bottom, each taking roughly 1/6 of the banner; the middle 2/3 of the background is dominated by a green and a blue band, meeting each other halfway across the flag; this is the banner for the Empire, and is most commonly seen defaced with a four-rayed sun in the center (with one ray pointing into each field).


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