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The so-called fungal monsters are giant, mobile and territorial fungi. They most often resemble giant, anthropomorphic mushrooms. The creatures tend to live in and around swampy areas, both in the caves and on the surface.

There are several varieties of these fungal creatures, known as spore beasts, poison fungi (singular, poison fungus), and shamblers. They are not intelligent nor self-conscious, and behave mostly on an instinctual level. They can be usually found in packs or large herds.

Physical Traits

The fungal creatures are usually about 6 to 10 feet tall (2 to 3 meters, respectively) and comprise of a huge mushroom-like body with an easily distinguishable cap on top. The cap's gills contain the sporagium where the creatures' spores are developed. The creatures' stipes are surrounded by an innumerable quantity of tendrils which are used for predation, harvesting and defence alike. The tendrils have a variety of small hooks and acetabulae used for both cautious manipulation of surroundings, as well as maiming of potential threats or prey.


Most of the naturally occuring fungal monsters tend to be omnivorous, consuming (dead) plant matter, animals and humanoids alike. While the creatures are apparently unintelligent, they manifest an instinctual ability to hunt in a pack. When hunting live prey, the creatures tend to use superior numbers and mobility to surround and overwhelm their prey.


The various fungal monsters tend to live in swampy areas where water and rotting biomass may be found in plentiful amounts.

Types of Fungal Creatures

Natural Fungoids

  • Spore beasts are the weakest of their family, but tend to cause diseases in their victims if allowed to reach melee range.
  • Poison fungi, like their name suggests, emit highly toxic compounds which they use in conjunction with their hard-hitting tendrils.
  • Shamblers are the strongest of the fungal family, not only moving fast and hitting multiple times within the span of time where a normal swordsman hits once, but also tend to emit sticky substance which may hinder the victim's ability to maneuver or flee from combat.

Magical Fungoids

  • Spawned Fungus is a special type of fungal creature. It is thought to be a magical creation, since it's very rarely encountered outside dungeons and magical laboratories. One of its' most infamous abilities include the ability to strike fast and cause temporal paralysis in its' victims.