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Normal Links

There are two kinds of link on a wiki page:

  1. an internal link to another article. Such a link is written with double square brackets.
  2. an external link (should be rarely used). Such a link is written with a single square bracket.

Merely surrounding the target in brackets, as here:

[[Main Page]]

results in this:

Piped Links

Sometimes you will want to show the link text as something other than the target (Note: Good web practice (and therefore wiki standard) demands that the text clearly identifies the target, so no "see here" or "check [this link]"). You change this text by adding a Pipe '|' at the end of the target, and putting the link text afterward - except for external links, where the '|' is replaced by an empty space ' '.

[[Main Page|Front Page]]
[[Help:Contents|Help Page]]
[ Google]


Capitalization matters everywhere except the first letter of an article.

Game canon is the same as game canon. Game Canon is not.

Automatic Formatting

Several things are so common on Wiki that they can be done with automatic formatting. One of these is the removal of any parantheses and Namespaces in the title. This is done by adding a single pipe at the end of the target, but not writing any link text.


is the same as


and shows as


Another such thing is the adding of a plural 's'. Objects can be pluralized by adding an s after the link.

In 405 IE, the fort was attacked by a small army of goblins using spells.

(Note: The title of articles about races and cultures is pluralized as per the Structure policy))

To do this without having to write [[goblin|goblins]], you simply add the s after the link, outside the brackets. The s will be treated as part of the link text.


is the same as


and shows as


Note: This is not just true for "s". Any letter combination that is added after the link is still treated as link text (and colored blue). Other characters, like periods and commas and numbers, are not.