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If you want to contribute to this project, you should at least briefly go over this help file (especially How to Contribute. If that's too long, you can try the FAQ.


The Encyclopedia is intended primarily as a knowledge base. The information surrounding the world of Ermarian is sparse, scattered, and conflicting - and that's just the game canon. If you have been in the Spiderweb Community for a while, you will have found that numerous members have added their own canon (known also as Fanon), making theories about issues that are not determined in the game. That includes the name Ermarian. These theories are derived from vague references, common sense, and occasionally whole cloth. They are even more scattered and conflicting than the game canon mentioned above.

The purpose of this Wiki is to gather and order this information into some semblance of a unified canon, so that a member wishing to know more about the world of Jeff's game can simply go here. Want to know the history of the Slithzerikai? No more questioning the oldbie designers till they tell you to shut up! No more spending hours searching all three of the games to find that obscure dialogue message you vaguely remember! Just look up Slithzerikai, and there you are.

The Encyclopedia does not pretend to be an authority on this information. The purpose is to paint as complete and detailed a picture of Ermarian, not to collate information strictly derived from the source. Where the game does not provide an answer, the scenario designers will. Where they do not, a little common sense and creativity will.

Scenario designers setting their work in Ermarian are especially invited to make use of this site. While creating your own idea of Ermarian can be fun and exhilerating, you will usually find that it is awfully tiring to keep track of consistency.

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