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Source: Drizzt canon
A map of Kirlin Province.

Kirlin is a peaceful area of Valorim. It is most famous for the city of Keptus, a center of learning.



Immediately north of Blackcrag Valley.




According to a historian at the Keptus library:

"Keptus is the main city in the south, and the area is divided by a large and high mountain range. Besides Keptus, a city to the east called Briggston exists primarily to harvest the rich forests in that region and services travelers headed south to the (until recently) wilder, untamed continent of Valorim. The west is mainly coastline, except for the city of Thorndale, which services the many ships trading with this region.

The mountains that split Kirlin north and south are ominously named the Spine of Gath-Hoth or the Devil's Spine. The Spine is a dangerous, impassible place, allegedly filled with creatures and beasts of all sorts. The text reports that Empire legions entered there by the hundreds and all but a few were lost, the survivors describing things of nightmares. The Empire has since shut off the Spine to everyone, and access through is limited by a single pass to the east. For some reason, no creatures have ever emerged from the Spine, and the books state that this uneasy equilibrium has existed for some time.

To the north of the Spine is mostly farms and one city, the port of Avonlea." (Source: The Forsaken)

Due to these possible dangers for the near region, a permanent empire security station has been set at the only narrow entrance to the east of Keptus.



Kirlin has a few larger forests which are ideal for lumber workers, as well as a long coastline, which invites travellers, adventurers and merchants. This province is also known for rich alchemical resources from the southern swamps, and to own several mineral mines.

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