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A longbow is used both as a weapon and a hunting tool. It is either carved from a single piece of wood or combined from two or more materials for greater flexibility and durability. In case of the latter the resulting piercing capability is greater, but requires greater strength from the bow's wielder.

Arrows are used when discharging a longbow, and same projectiles can be used with a shortbow. Bolts are too short to be used in either long- or shortbow, and likewise arrows do not fit into a crossbow's firing mechanism. An arrow's slender and long shaft makes it ideal for sniping at long ranges, but as an equipoise the resulting damage is comparatively smaller to that of a bolt fired from a crossbow, provided the fired arrow doesn't pierce a vital organ or a weakness in armor.

Nephilim favor longbows as a weapon of choice over any other weapon-class.

Famous Bows

  • Submission Bow
  • Bow of the Deep Woods
  • Ever-rotting bow
  • Bow of Storms
  • Heartstriker Bow
  • First Expedition Bow
  • Farsight Longbow
  • Sage's Longbow

Legendary Ammunition

  • Arrows of Light. These special arrows are blessed with divine magic, and cause extra damage to demons.
  • Acid Arrows. Namesake, the shafts of these arrows have been carved hollow and fulfilled with thin vials of potent acid. Upon impact, the vial shatters and pours acid into the puncture wound.
  • Blessed Arrows

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