Ring of Endless Magery

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A powerful magical artifact in the form of a ring. It was considered long lost to the world until it was recovered by the Surface Explorers. It was said to have the appearance of being made of silver or platinum (Although it is possible that it was in fact Mithral) and adorned with a single gem. Every part of it was said to be of the finest craftsmanship.

The powers of this ring were quite remarkable. It acted like beacon for magical energy, absorbing it from the world. This allowed the wearer to channel vast amounts of magical energy and in time of need, they could obtain the extra power that the ring had absorbed.

Much about it's creation and journey has been lost. But what is known is that at some point it was brought to Valorim whereupon it came into the possession of the Archmage Lich Zkal. When the Surface Explorers tracked Zkal down and slew him the Ring was retrieved. Currently it is believed to be in the possession of the retired Surface Explorers.