Temple of the Path of the True Way

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Religion in Ermarian
Path of the True Way
Central Tenet: Walk the Path and reach Beyond
Leader: Priest Throndell succeeded by Mother Clarisse
Founded: Pre 817 IE | Centered in: Tower of Magi

The Temple of the Path of the True Way was opened in the Tower of Magi not long after the tower originally built. After it's opening many pilgrims over the years came to the temple for guidance and learning. One reason their temple sits in the Tower of Magi was that the priests of the Path had a gift for subduing demons and it was said to be a hope of King Micah that the Path of the True Way would dissuade some of the mages from reaching towards the dark powers beyond the veil. In the case of the Archmage Linda, they failed.

Followers of this religion seek to find what is beyond this world and learn from the wisdom of those who dwell there. Self-admittedly, they have found many infernals instead but believe there must be an equal opposite who offer kindness and wisdom. It is unknown if they have succeeded in that goal in more recent times. After the Empire-Avernum War the temple was re-established by Mother Clarisse as the Church of the Seeking Soul.