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Armor, also sometimes spelled armour, is any type of clothing or apparel worn with the specific purpose of defending the wearer. Sometimes, armor is blessed, adding to its value and capabilities. Contrary to a common misconception, the most common form of protection is a helm, as it protects against critical head injuries. Usually the used material is leather or bronze padded with cloth underneath, but iron and steel are also used. The abundance and popularity of helmets also makes them ideal for enchanting.

Even small amount of armor tends to encumber and disrupt mages' ability to cast spells. Some mages are born with natural skills for spellcasting, and can wear armor without the protective gear interfering with their skills. Others, rarely, learn to become sword-mages to be able to use weapons and armor in tandem with the Arcane. Priests, on the other hand, are not encumbered by wearing armor.

Typical Users

Legendary Pieces of Armor


  • Steel Helmet
  • Runed Helmet
  • Tinfoil Helm
  • Lizardskin Helmet
  • Ruby Helm
  • Helm of Klin
  • Thinking Cap

Body Armor

  • Iron Chain Mail
  • Steel Breastplate
  • Icy Chain Mail
  • Mauling Leather
  • Polished Platemail
  • Ruby Breastplate
  • Runed Plate
  • Rogue Leather

Gauntlets and Bracers

  • Steel Gauntlets
  • Pyrrhic Gauntlets
  • Drakeskin Bracers
  • Radiant Gauntlets
  • Gauntlets of Might
  • Duelist's Gloves
  • Answering Gauntlets


  • Heavy Boots
  • Steel Greaves
  • Nimble Boots
  • Clover Boots
  • Swamp Boots
  • Spectral Boots
  • Samaritan Sandals
  • First Expedition Boots
  • Gazerskin Sandals