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Troglodytes are a race of intellligent humanoids. They are the mortal enemies of the giants and would do almost anything to wipe them out. They are scarred and twisted from birth like an intensely mutated human.

A drawing of a Troglodyte


The troglodytes lived on the eastern side of Pralgad, seperated from the Empire by the Jsoulza Mountains. They had fought the giants before Ironclad III had wiped them out which is why there were so few giants left for the Imperial Army.

A few years later, the Empire attacked the troglodytes as part of the Extermination of Non-Humans. Unlike the giants, the troglodytes were well armed, intelligent and they had powerful magic users. They took over the Empire mines near Solaria and used the iron to make steel armor and weapons for use against the Empire. They captured villages and farms and expanded thier base of operations.

In 384 IE, the Empire took control of the mines, cutting the troglodytes off from their lands, preventing reinforcments or supplies from reaching them. In 386 IE, the Empire soldiers who defended the mines burst into troglogyte territory, and killed all of the troglodytes.

The Plagues

However, this was not the last the Empire had seen of the troglodytes. In 832 IE, Rentar-Ihrno revived the troglodyte and giant races as part of the plagues of Valorim. In 834 IE, the Surface Explorers brought down the barriers that separated the giants and the troglodytes and the two races fought each other. With so many casualties, both races were almost wiped out, again.

More recently, there have been several claims of troglodytes appearing elsewhere, including in the Za-Khazi Run.

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