Avatar of War

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Religion in Ermarian
Avatar of War
Central Tenet: War is Eternal, Conflict brings Change
Leader: None
Founded: Unknown | Centered in: None. The priests wander the world.

The Avatar of War is the eternal spirit of conflict which draws it's power from violence throughout the entirety of Ermarian. The Avatar goes by many names and titles (Which can be seen in their entirety below) but is usually referred to by followers as War. Unlike many war deities it does not matter if it's followers use magic or not, only if they contribute to war. This deity is very popular in places were there is conflict and many soldiers and adventurers are supplicants so it is natural that there following across the world.


The order of the Avatar of War does not have a central main temple. Instead it's priests and priestesses wander the world seeking conflict and those who fight, to teach and aid them. In places where there is ongoing battles they will create shrines to both give further aid and sacrifices to War. Most shrines will accept supplicants if they are proven to be willing to battle. Aid from War comes in the form of blessings and divine magic and surprisingly enough healing. The use of blood offerings does malign this Order to the unacknowledged but offerings come from enemies slain in battle and their own battle wounds, not sacrifices. Some followers are so in tune with the Avatar that they find themselves easily distracted and vague in times of calm. When peace arrives on the area however, the priest or priestess will move on to the next conflict.

Tenets and Beliefs

The beliefs of War are surprisingly philosophical. The follow quote on the subject was by a priestess of the Avatar of War,

"There are many people, many beliefs, many ideas. War is the crucible that purifies them. It is the teacher that tests them and chooses which of them is strong enough to survive and infect later generations. War causes suffering. We do not delight in it, but we know that it is necessary."

The Aspects of War

Just as war itself has many purposes and facets, the Avatar has many aspects. Followers of War usually align themselves to an aspect and follow those ideals. The most prominent aspects in these times are Justice and Strength.


Those who follow the Aspect of Justice fight for the safety of others and justice and will aid and teach those who are willing to defend themselves and others from oppressors. For this many followers during the time of Hawthorne were exiled.


Worshippers of War in it's Strength Aspect value strength above all and will seek out the strong to teach or test themselves against. They encourage the idea the strong crushing those who are weaker.

Despite these two aspects being so diametrically opposed, they are said to be two sides of the same coin.

Names and Titles

War has been given many names and titles. It has been said by some scholars that some of the other gods of war may in fact be another aspect of the Avatar of War.

  • Avatar of War
  • Lord of War
  • Mighty War
  • War
  • Avatar of Conflict
  • Bringer of Great Change

Place in Society

Devotees of the Avatar of War have a strange place in society, their very doctrine tells them seek out conflict and feed their deity. They are deemed extremely useful in times of war but have little place in areas of long term peace so they wander. But as long as conflict and violence occur on this earth there will still be a place for this religion.

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