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Religion in Ermarian
Central Tenet: Knowledge is best let into a skull after cracking it first.
Leader: Unknown
Founded: Unknown | Centered in: Unknown

Elgar is a warrior deity worshipped in small numbers throughout Avernum and the Empire. He is usually visualised as a mighty warrior who can slay any mortal creature and views most magic (especially healing magic) with disdain.


Followers of Elgar hone their martial skills constantly and tend gravitate to areas where there is conflict so they spread Elgar's wisdom and teachings and so they can please their lord to the best of their ability. It is said if one prays to Elgar in battle he will grant victory or a less painful death.

Teachings and Wisdom of Elgar

Unlike many religions, Elgar does not grant use of divine magic instead he is said to show his followers the weak points on their enemies bodies and special battle disciplines making them more deadly in battle.

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