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In 2011, Jeff Vogel released the first of three possible remakes of the Avernum series, Avernum: Escape from the Pit. Compared to the original Avernum, there have been things added, changed, expanded and removed. Some of it conflicts with both Exile and Avernum series.

It has been decided to take these changes case by case.

Changes and Discrepancies

Sea Monsters

Or sea worms, as they are called in this. They are elusive but they exist. This is at odds with the "Oh god what are these things?" in A4 and claims that they were created.

  • Basically I saw it as part of Rentar's general mode of attack. She takes a species and alters it and releases it as plague. She did it with slimes and she did it with cockroaches. Now she did it with the sea monsters.

King Hawthorne

Is a crazy crazy old man. And it's implied Garzahd tests and uses you to take him out.

Anastasia name change

Anastasia the mage's name is changed to Zemera. She also got a bit of a background expansion. Does this put the Lich theory to rest?

The Gold Necklace gets an upgrade

Additionally to the aura of confidence the Formello necklace gives; it also enable the wearer to quickly receive messages from the Castle. All the mayors necklaces do that.

Kyass Freehold

Man decides to carve out his own little kingdom which would be independent of both the Abyss and Avernum. Avernite officials give you the choice whether or not to wipe them out. According to A2:CS the adventurers decided to let them be but the Empire got to them instead.


According to A2:CS the Rakshasi are cultish nephilim which got into dark magic which transformed them.

Garzahd's Motives

I haven't played A2 in a long time so I don't know how different this is but in A2:CS Garzahd has been given alot of motives for his actions and there are some shoutouts to future events. Basically, A2:CS Garzahd will turn out to be right about quite a few things in the future.

The Ten vs The Twelve

Well as expected, The Twelve were given names but they aren't actually the Twelve anymore as there are no nagas in the remake. The newest group is made up of a lich, three humans, three rakshasi, two efreeti and one infernal (who didn't actually get a name).


So hellhounds were considers new things in A4? Nah, according to A2:CS they are goddamn everywhere and have actually replaced the role the hydras played in A2. So different species?


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