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Garzahd was a powerful archmage of the Empire, most famous for his leadership of the Empire Invasion.


In 760 IE, Garzahd became a junior speaker on the Imperial Council under Radzac Hawthorne I. In 767 IE, he was one of the strongest proponents lobbying for the use of Exile as a prison. Over the years, he magically augmented himself, rendering him invulnerable to everything except mindduels and anti-demonic spells and weapons.

Major Actions

The Exiling of the Five

He and several of his students he had helped appoint to various offices had a powerful political faction within the Imperial Court. But in 776 IE he perceived his chance at gaining even more power: By denouncing five of the most powerful mages from the Imperius School of Magic, magi who already held much political sway and were becoming dangerous to him, he was able to secure Hawthorne II's favor. The Five were Exiled, and Garzahd took pleasure in personally cursing their leader, Erika Redmark, to ensure she could never see the surface again and live. Garzahd was appointed personal advisor to Hawthorne II.

The Empire Invasion

He continued in this position when Hawthorne III was crowned in 791, along with the priest Howar. When the emperor was eventually assassinated in 817 IE, leaving young Prazac as the sole heiress, he became regent, overpowering the young and politically naive Empress. In this position, he grossly overplayed his hand, overruling the young sovereign in almost every respect. The punitive invasion against Avernum that was eventually started was orchestrated by him.

With his death at the hand of Avernite adventurers in 823 IE, the Empire was de facto defeated. Harried by outrageous losses at the hands of the Vahnatai who joined the Avernites, Prazac ordered their withdrawal.

The final mark of his deeds occurred in 833 IE, when Erika Redmark fought Rentar-Ihrno and perished as Rentar-Ihrno activated the curse Garzahd had put on her.