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Rakshasi (singular rakshasa; rakshasas is also acceptable as plural) are magical, intelligent, tiger-headed humanoids with unusual and powerful abilities. However, more recently there have been rumours of nephilim turning to darker aspects of magic and spending their lives honing their craft.

Due to the mysterious nature of the rakshasi and the hostile disposition they maintain towards other races, it is likely that the question whether rakshasi are a race of their own, some sub-species of nephilim (like nepharim are), or a marginal anomaly within the divided feline society will remain unanswered for the time being.



Rakshasi are feline humanoids, much like nephilim. Most sources confirm that rakshasi are indeed tiger-headed humanoids with human-like proportions, such as height. Their eyes are slightly luminous, and often piercingly green.

Physical traits

The elder records and intelligence suggest that rakshasi have extra-ordinary strength and sharp claws. Raids to rakshasa lairs have shown that they are mainly carnivores, and often eat the prey they catch from the nearby areas.

Magical traits

Rakshasi are powerful spellcasters. They are uniquely skilled in the creation of lifelike illusions, which they can manipulate from some distance. This ability may be innate, or simply an application of magic unknown to other races. The rakshasi are also known to be able to mask their true appearance by taking on forms of other races, notably humans. The question whether the rakshasi are capable of taking on illusionary forms only of two-legged humanoid-species is open to debate.

Most feared of all, however, is the innate ability of rakshasi to absorb magical energy. Any magical force which is directed at rakshasi is absorbed; thus, they cannot be harmed by fireballs or other traditional magical attacks. Notably, rakshasi are not protected against mindduels and other psionic attacks.


Although rakshasi are native to the surface of Ermarian, they can be found wherever civilized races abound. Their origin is unknown. Their ability to manipulate and prey on rich humanoids generally affords them a rather opulent lifestyle. Rakshasi appreciate material comforts, and adorn their lairs with soft rugs and pillows, rich decorations, incense, hookahs, pipes, and other entertainments. It is also worth noting that rakshasi's living quarters are oftentimes furnished with fireplaces and firepits, implying that they are particularly fond of warmth in exclusive amounts.

Society and Behavior

Rakshasi are usually found in small groups. They work together, using their capability with illusions to lure in prey, which they kill using their magic. They prefer to prey on other intelligent humanoids, but have been known to consume meat of all varieties. They avoid communicating with other races; thus, relatively little about their desires and motivations can be understood. They sometimes keep pet cats for companionship.

Despite its policies regarding the Extermination of Non-Humans, the Empire generally avoids persecuting rakshasi, as they are too powerful to easily remove. On rare occasions the Empire has even employed rakshasi in its magical laboratories, as at Pyrog Labs and Angierach. Indeed, magical research is a favored pursuit of rakshasi, and one at which they are quite capable.

Rakshasi appear to practice the worship of some dark powers. However, despite the popular misconception, they are not demons, and have in fact been known to enchant holy items such as arrows of light.

Rakshasi names

  • Hrrma
  • Alass
  • Orrun

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