Circle of Life

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Religion in Ermarian
Circle of Life
Central Tenet: All life is sacred and must be protected before it is lost forever
Leader: Beastkeeper Vyck
Founded: Around 870 IE | Centered in: Northern Frontier

One of the stranger cults of the world, the Circle of Life seeks to protect and live with in harmony, the various magical and monstrous creatures of the world before they are all destroyed

The cult's mode of operation is find creatures in areas where they are being hunted amd capture them. These creatures are then placed in breeding pits and breed and are cared for by the cult before being released back in their old territory. When such creatures include Aranea, Basilisks, Hellhounds and Scuttlers it is understandable that the other residents may be troubled by this.

The Circle of Life is centred in Northern Frontier both for the rare creatures of the area and it's relative isolation from the civilisation, although they have moved further into the frontier as more and more of the new caves are settled. The cult is comprised of followers from many races including goblins. It is said that many followers lose their lives to the creatures the protect.

The current leader of the Circle of Life is the High Priestess, Beastkeeper Vyck, a young avernite who rose through the ranks for her passion and skills.